We have come to an impasse per se, a block in the road, when it comes to art and what constitutes as beautiful. We have come to the point where man cannot have beauty. An artist ties this week's garbage bag to make it look like a teddy bear and it sells for millions of dollars within days. Another cuts themself and bleeds onto the wall. Another creates a lifelike scene of a man pooping in a street corner. All for millions. And those are the tame ones. There is no beauty for man: only profane rubbish, hellish bracken, offensive dung. We have come to believe any our contribution to life and society is beautiful even if the contribution is destructive.

One might argue that we can have beauty so long as we have mimesis. Mimesis is the idea that art is only beautiful as much as it mimics or mirrors reality or nature, but we have lost all connection with what that means anymore, for garbage is real, as well as our poopy existence in it.

So why work with a middle man? Ever. We must find it within our-selves to say: art is only beautiful as much as it IS nature. Man does not have beauty for nature has it. Therefore a verastruct painting should have neither strokes nor paint, neither frame nor canvas. But leaves and branches, trunk and soil. A verastruct song does not whir nor thump, neither blare nor screech. Instead bird-song and streams, wind and rain.

One might say: “But I hate nature. It's not beautiful.” While styles, genres, and trends can be persuasive, none can stand up in our relativistic world. They are deemed personal opinion, the criticism of the elite, or zeitgeist, but you can never deny nature as it is an essential part of the human existence. You may hate it, but it will hate you back because you cannot ignore its presence. Make no mistake many a person has died in defiance of nature, for no person can defy nature and live.

Of course media may change once respective pieces are reinter-preted, but that is to be discussed at another time. As man can no longer have beauty, it is up to man looking for beauty to embrace nature and light. An artist channels the afternoon breeze. Another plants a bonsai garden. Another befriends a deer. Nature is  ephemeral — don't be discouraged that the nature you experience is neither pristine nor untouched, for none is. Realizing we are nature and we are beautiful for that alone is what verastruct is about.

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