Nov 5
A surprising revelation about telepathy

I can’t help but feel a sense of exhilaration of meeting and collaborating with an Elite. Such inter-species coop-eration is atypical of our society, which is what makes it so interesting to me. I hope Amanda feels the same way because this joint effort may prove more beneficial to society than the actual project itself. 
    I walk into the workroom and find Captain has at-tached a machine of some sort to his side and head. His hours must be different from ours. I suppose that is why we ended early yesterday. 
    “Ah, Jess! Good to see you! You must be wondering what this device is?” he surmises, “This is to look at my telepathic gland. It will color Majorana particle and anti-matter so that we can see it function in detail. One of you will have to put one on so that you can clearly see the di-fference in brain signals to hone in on the process.”
    Amanda enters looking better rested than yesterday. 
    “Morning! What is that you have on?” she asks.
    “I’ll explain as Jess puts one on you,” he responds.
    Captain explains as I retrieve the device and have it printed on my Design. I attach it to her as instructed. It does seem a little intrusive, but nothing is too intrusive for proper science.
    “This will record the process as well, true?” I ask.
    “I have modified it for that purpose, but we’ll make ad-justments with time,” he shrugs.
    I would compliment him on his use of body language, but I suspect our lack of encouragement is a sign to him that he is communicating admirably.
    Amanda turns hers on and I look with her to watch the feeds pick up on the board. Then Captain turns his on and then shortly after his also shows up on the feed. It displays a detailed picture of their organs in the area and then a highly-notated brain and nervous system map with cor-responding mental messages. 
    The images look nearly the same after I adjust it for proportion. In fact, I can’t individualize any variations between the images. I am no student of anatomy, but I feel as though I should be able to see some kind of dif-ference between their body compositions. 
    “Where’s the gland?” Amanda asks.
    “Something isn’t right,” he admits, “It isn’t showing majorana particle.”
    “Maybe you should just speak telepathically and then it will show us where the gland is,” I suggest.
    A voice then enters my mind as if from some distant universe directly into the deep recesses of my brain. 
    “Very well,” the voice says. 
    The image indeed lights up, but both sides do as if from different angles of the same host. The majorana particle it seems does not light up, but the antimatter shows clearly as a bright grey light on the feed. However the light appears on both screens. And then the lights fade one after the other.
    “Are you sure it doesn’t show two separate feeds from your device?” I ask.
    Captain looks deathly serious at the board. I look to see what he is looking at and find him staring at the dif-ferent mental maps. They display completely different synapse responses. 
    “I am thinking about breakfast and this data,” he poi-nts at sections entitled cravings/immediate needs and then logic systems, “And so this section, and this sec-tion, are lit up as part of my reader. And here Amanda is instead thinking of identity and appearance, among other things. These readers are not mistaken. Amanda, you have a telepathic gland.”
    We turn to see her looking at us incredulously. There has to be a way to confirm this, I think. 
    “Dad!” I call.
    We hear some shuffling and then the door opens. He looks busy, but then taken aback by Captain in the room.
    “I was just on a conference call,” he bows curtly to Captain. “Welcome, sir. What is it, honey?”
    “We need you to act as the invariable object in our exp-eriment as Amanda has proven to be variable,” I explain.
    He accepts by stepping inside.
    “Here, put this on,” I tell him.
    The visuals change dramatically on the feed. I can see the differences now between Captain and dad. Amanda gasps with a hand over her mouth.
    “Go ahead, Captain,” I nod.
    “Sure thing,” I hear in the back of my mind.
    Captain’s feed lights up, and dad’s hardly changes at all except the area labelled embarrassment lights up.
    “Was he supposed to do something?” dad asks.
    “You can’t hear him?!” I gasp.
    He shakes his adorable head. 
    Then I must have it too, I think. I hurriedly remove the device and put it on myself. I only half sigh in relief when I see I do not have the gland. I wave dad out of the room.
    “Thanks, daddy. That’s all we needed,” I almost cry. “What is going on right now?”
    Captain understands and speaks again. The machine beeps as if it is mad at me for something.
    “No . . . ” Captain says telepathically.
    The machine beeps again.
    “Attach the reader to the base of your neck, Jess. See if it will stop beeping,” he suggests. 
    I move it furiously up to the base of my neck where a much smaller dissection is displayed. But there I see a distinct sac resting at the base of my neck, sitting above the lungs but before the shoulders. 
    “Whoever placed that in you, Jess?” He asks tele-pathically.
    My image lights up with grey indicating I have anti-matter in my body. Amanda is now sitting with bated breath. I, too, am uneasy at the thought.
    “What does this mean, Captain?” I ask sadly.
    “It means you two can speak and hear telepathically and that some Elite or Superior placed the glands in you at some point,” he offers with the appropriate gravity, but then with a smile, “But this means we can file the patent anyway and forget the political headache! And when someone asks we’ll just show them that you two have the gland and that should solve every query into the matter!”