Jess Russell
November 2017

I can only imagine what he's been going through the past 32 days. His transition from womb to world was less than ideal; I, his home, cut open. Strangers pulling him out into bright lights and the cold expanse. Hearing my cries afar off begging for those unfamiliar hands to let my familiar arms encircle him. As the days have past I still see his struggle to be fully present in this new chaotic world and resist compliance to its normalities. For now, Era is a conscious being with little body control, limited methods of communication, and complete dependence on imperfect beings. As his body and mind try to catch up with his mature soul, I hope that a part of him, even subconsciously, will continue to seek for the kind of simplicity and comfort he found so easily in the womb. As Micah and I have strived to make our home as peaceful as the home Era came from, we've realized just how valuable those simple comforts can be in everyone's lives. I call all living things. Let us keep one another close, warm, and nourished. Let us love each other like it's instinct, speak softly like it's sacred, and demonstrate compassion like it's inherent. ​