Superstruct and its meaning

Jess Fens (Substruct) and Micah Russell
October 2015

Superstruct is a latinate word which in the latin root means struct ("build") and super ("over"). It is a verb, so to superstruct means "to build over." This can be taken literally as in a construction company which builds exclusively on top of the foundation, but, as is wont with such words, the exact meaning is rather broad. In contemp-orary theory a structure is an ideology or idea which governs our lives, hence a post-structuralist is a theorist who believes that there are no ideas at all, just infinite subjectivity. 
Sorry, that was a bit technical. Let me take a step back. Like these theorists, I think the "struct" part of superstruct also means idea. I do not think of it as a specific idea, because it is a verb not a noun. When I struct I am in the act of creating a place for the idea. In this case, I am creating a place over ("super") as opposed to under ("sub"), with ("con"), or without ("de"). 
So I am creating an ideology over or above. Over or above what? Normally I would like the construction company think that I super-struct over the foundation or an existent structure, but that would mean the title of the novel would be something like "Superstruct the King." So what is being put beneath the ideology if it isn't nam-ed? The "person" doing the superstructing. The ideology goes ab-ove the one placing it there. 
There have been many times in history when an ideology has held more power than any one person in society. The most notable is the Medieval ages. Another of note is the Romantic era but during the Medieval ages it was believed that above even the Kings and Queens of great nations there was God. Kings were chosen by di-vine mandate, not by politics or intrigue. Or so they believed. God was an ideology which the people put above themselves. 
Imagine a future where we once again place an ideology, like the Universe and Her Bathikry, above all men and has all power. If we believed it then it would come true and actually exist simply be-cause we placed it there. After we had placed it above us is when we would start to believe that its placement was inevitable. Yet that future can still be a beautiful place to live, as we find in Jess's shoes. Superstructing our future might be exactly what we want out of society and our lives.