How did the world become verastruct?

Hume Diego
May 2338

Once upon a time in the land of Earth there were two people: the Postmodern and the Verastruct. The Postmodern were a complex and interesting people. They sought to gather as many unique and new ideas as they could find. They gave and took offense readily and often. It was a common practice that their leaders were the most offensive and most likely to take offense out of all the people. They would try to wear different clothing from others so that they stood out. When introducing themselves it was appropriate to list interests and likes, as no one felt unique without their special combination of preferences. They had made a habit of flaunting themselves in public spaces and in public communication services in order to appear better, even as negative self image and depression were felt by every member of the community.  

The Verastruct however were an entirely different people. They assumed that life would be hard, and so had no desire to blame others for their misfortune. They knew that they could not know everything so they would hear differing opinions and strange beliefs. They sought to understand rather than demand to be understood. They watched life and Earth show her beauty rather than dig, mold, and form Earth to fit their ideal. Theytook time to breathe, to sleep, to meditate. They loved peace above all and the joy that comes from learning to control what one can control: oneself.

It is in this period in the history of Human that They were born. They were born among the Postmodern, but They did not feel as thouth They belonged among Their people. They were a special sort, because unlike many of the Postmodern, They were not wholely convinced of the way of the Postmodern. They would think deeply and gained an incredible amount of self-worth and self-control taking long walks and meditating for hours. The woods of Their backyard was a heaven to take a break in, not some waste of time from accomplishing the "truly" important work of studying for exams.

They had a memorable experience the first time They talked to a Verastruct. Everything seemed to make more sense. "Be willing to sacrifice so that others do not have to," was one thing They remembered the Verastruct specifically saying. "Your identity is so much more than a set of preferences and even your characteristics. You are They." That's right! They thought. Certain characteristics were unavoidably Theirs, but that did not mean They had to be defined by anything except Themselves. Seeking to change those characteristics only led to frustration and doubt, but accepting them as a beginning point, not the destination, can help Them to find true individuality.

It is with this new revelation that They began to express Themselves at school and at home. Their Postmodern friends and family at first didn't know how to react to Them. Some of the kids did as all kids do when confronted with another of true identity: the kids jeered, mocked, and ridiculed Them. Some adults of a kinder disposition took it upon themselves to defend Them, claiming They are just "weird" or "strange", but ultimately that too was another form of abuse. They did well in school in practical sense, but They felt dissatisfied with Their education. They got lumped in with the delinquents, because They couldn't fit in, just at they were finally understanding truths about life and eternity. 

They never grew bitter however. Their constitution had by now grown far too imperivous to such treatment. They had seen the light that came from conformity. Not conformity to the Postmodern's powers and social constructs, but conformity to Nature, surrendering to the natural rythym and balance of the Earth. They learned to love air, food, and water. Such necessities became more than nuisant urges to be placated, but the very key to joy. They learned how water is best when received through the natural course of events. They learned how a complex combination of raw foods creates the richest flavors. They learned how air sweetens as it passes through plants.