Micah Russell
January 2018

We were never meant to deal solely with things — things to put on, things to use, and things to live in — inanimate objects which cannot in of themselves inspire us. But we insist that freezing life, chopping it to little pieces, and reassembling the pieces into frankenstein forms is the best way to live. We know ourselves and what we need so well that this force which provides for all forms of life cannot have our best interest at heart. It is destined to murder us with putrid pestilences, maligning maladies, and deathly diseases. No, no, better to stick with our artifice: collecting cancers, stripping systems, and overwhelming organs. 

Call it whatever you want — God, Nature, Science — there is a power for life in the earth, in the sun, in the water, and in the air; and we are co-creators with that power in maintaining and sustaining life. Whether the earth was made for us or whether we exist because we adapted to the resources formed before, the answer is the same: this earth creates the best resources for us. The only reason the earth seeks to kill us is because we do not treat the earth with respect. Make no mistake, the earth is alive as well, and it is both a ready friend and a swift enemy. Why deal with things when creating life is our destiny? We have joy when life works properly, while we barely twitch when objects function as designed. Surely depression disappears the closer you are to life, to organisms that move, grow, and speak. We are worth so much more to be consigned to a life of things.