Why I write

What is the future like? 

​Micah Russell
October 2015
Every day billions of people shout to try and give their say about what the future should be like. Because of that, those with the best of ideas find their voices drowned out in the confusion. 
I have wondered about the future and have tried to imagine fully-realized worlds and galaxies. Just like the greatest science-fiction authors, I believe to some degree that my story is not just some fantasy, but an actual possibility. Who knows, the future is a long time. Many books have been written with the future in mind but they usually focus on one possible future, which is statistically incorrect.
Verastruct is a multiverse book series. That means that the characters, setting and timeline remain the same for every novel but each book has a different story and the characters interact differently with one another and with the world, an unique set of technologies, beliefs and ideologies. 

In my imagination I have come to find that the future is not concrete but something to be molded and shaped. As I imagine many different but beautiful futures, I realize that our future (this infinite direction we walk) is something we can change and make better only if we make a concerted effort to do so. 
So that is why I write. To change the future.