Micah Russell
June 2017

There is a war raging this very second. It is the most real war of all. It is the war that started every war that ever was. It is the war for your mind. This convergence of complex and convincing ideas is tearing our world apart, one mind at a time, and all that is beautiful, inspiring, and true is at stake.

Extreme Islamists threaten to superstruct the entire world. Allah is the ruler of this world and he does not abide infidels on his foot-stool, they say as they slaughter innocent lives. Businesses would have us construct a neomodern world, arguing us it is in the name of progress. Even they admit it is throwback. Mid-century, they say. Vintage, they say, but neither should man be tied to an idea, nor should an idea be tied to a man, like the Jews to the Holocaust, or Hilter to Nazism. Worse yet is the far more distributed belief that everyone has their own truth. Love no longer exists, replaced with what are called relationships. Identity for likes and dislikes. Understanding for listening. Natural for Artificial. Everything that was once known as truth has been thoroughly deconstructed.

So. Why is verastruct boring? Why does it not grab my attention? Why is it so simple it puts me to sleep? 

You have been in this war your whole life that it is hard to know what true peace feels like. It does not scream in your face. It waits for you. It offers calmly to give you rest. My dear friends, verastruct is not boring but peaceful. Its purpose is to help you do the things you want to do and think the things only you can think, not do the work for you and shove what to think into your brain. Verastruct is finding truth where it has always been: within reach. Verastruct is not neon green, but the green of a leaf within a canopy of trees. Verastruct is not the loud machinations of a busy urban block, but the symphony of birds chirping and streams gurgling. Verastruct is boring because all along you thought it was the canvas to your life, rather than the painting you are so thoroughly scratching off, which scratching you took as the art itself.